Mallorca property: Each property is unique, each property is different. Unlike other goods which are traded daily and which are basically identically property sales occur with far less frequency and require a detailed inspection and professional valuation. Only Mallorca is not a taxation company and our valuations determine realistic market prices. Real estate taxations by Spanish property companies can not be used for banks or in order to obtain mortgages and credits. We would be delighted to visit your property in order to give you our current market valuation including a detailed and up to date market analysis and an individual marketing proposal for your Mallorca Apartment or Villa.


Competitive pricing is essential. It is our goal to obtain the best possible price for your Mallorca Villa, Plot or Apartment in the shortest period of time. Our trained sales staff is going to visit your property in order to fully understand the product. it is important to us to see and feel your property. What is it that you love about your property and why did you buy it in the first place.


Our valuation determines the market value of your Mallorca property. We use a Sales Comparison Approach which is most reliable for a real estate market like Mallorca. Our sales agents are going to provide you with a comprehensive market analysis and will explain what your house is worth and why. Our market analysis includes basic economic concepts such  as supply and demand, utility, scarcity and transferability. The right valuation is our commitment.


Within the next 48 hours we are going to get back to you with our valuation of your Mallorca property. We are going to explain you in detail how the price was determined and why we believe that this is the realistic market value. Please share your thought and feelings with us. What price did you have in mind? The sales price may be the most important decision for a successfully sale and we want your Mallorca property to shine out in the current market.

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