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Energy certificates for property in Mallorca and rest of Spain mandatory starting 01.07.2013. As of 01.07.2013, all property owners are required to obtain an energy certificate on their asset prior to sale (or long term rental).

A notary will not perform any property transactions without this document which will form part of the “Escritura Publica”. Only Mallorca is also required to have this information, along with up-to-date registry and tax documents prior to marketing. Specially qualified architects, surveyors, industrial engineers and official energy efficiency surveyors will be able to provide this.

How much these documents will cost seems to vary, depending on Location, Type and m2, with figures ranging from approximately 400€ up to 1500€. The certificates are valid for 10 years. How these measures will be implemented is not known, considering the number of properties for sale. The reports will cover areas such as boilers, glass thickness, roof insulation etc. It will also carry recommendations on how to improve efficiency. El “certificado de eficiencia energética” as it is known is Spanish, will not apply to new build properties as they have energy certificates since 2008.

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