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Sa Dragonera is an island west of the island Mallorca and is protected as a Natural Park. The island has a length of 3200 meters and a width of five hundred meters, with a very irregular topography and with its highest peak, “Na Pòpia” with a total height of 360 meters. The nearest towns are San Telmo and Puerto de Andratx, where they have professional scuba diving centres with destination Dragonera in summer.

In the early 70s, there was a project to develop the island. The project included luxury mansions, a hotel, a marina and a casino. Environmental protesters finally paralysed the project. Before the official beginning of the works and a long judicial process, the project was finally aborted. In 1987 the Consell de Mallorca bought the island Dragonera and protected its surface and shores as a natural park. Mallorca is separated by a small channel 800 meters long and shallow.

You can access the Island daily with ferries departing from Sant Elm or Port Andratx. The island has a small natural harbour in Cala Lladó. From the pier there are several excursions to explore the island.

The first tour leaves the pier to the lighthouse of Tramuntana and has a length of 1.7 kilometres, the slopes are gentle and the maximum height is 65 meters. This tour is easy route, about 60 minutes (round trip). The views from the historic lighthouse are truly outstanding.

The second tour leaves the pier at the old lighthouse (na Pòpia). This path, about 3.8 kilometers long and a maximum height of 352 meters can be walked in about 3 hours (round trip). The road is very smooth, and it was built to transport materials to the old lighthouse. On top of na Pòpia you can visit the remains of the ancient lighthouse of Sa Dragonera. Amazing views towards Puerto de Andratx with its amazing Villas and Apartments for sale.

The third tour connects the pier with the lighthouse of Llebeig. This tour of medium difficulty, is a journey of 4.5 kilometres and can be performed in less than three hours (round trip). Also you can visit the tower of Llebeig.

The fourth tour connects the pier with tip Na Miranda. This tour of 1.2 kilometres, low difficulty, it takes about 30 minutes. There are great views over Cala Lladó. Furthermore you can observe the old crop areas (olive and cereal), currently rehabilitated for production.

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