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We are currently searching for properties in the southwest of Mallorca and would be more than happy to list your Villa/Apartment with Only Mallorca. At present we can clearly identify a positive market trend for 2013. The number of inquiries that we receive is constantly increasing. There is a special demand for new built properties and high quality villas with particular interest in the area of Puerto Andratx and its surroundings.

Only Mallorca can report positive results for the first quarter of 2013 and we are looking forward to archiving a significant number of property transactions in the course of the year. We are very enthusiastic and strongly motivated about this year’s “property season”. It traditionally begins with the Easter Holidays which are about to start in most European Countries on the coming weekend. We can’t wait! It is our goal to find each of our clients their ideal dream home on Mallorca. You might be the owner of our client’s dream…

If you have a property for sale please contact us. If you are not sure about selling yet, please let us know as well and we will visit you and give you further market insights and a valuation of your property. Free of charge of course and without any obligations. We will sell your property for you, all you have to do is contact us.

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he Spanish Parliament recently approved a new law, which allows non-EU property buyers and property investors to become Spanish residents when investing in properties and real estate. The minimum amount for foreign investor to acquireSpanish residency is €500,000. The idea is to increase foreign investments in Spain. The so called “Golden Visa” is going to be implemented in early 2014 and is thought to attract a large number of  non EU investors, especially from Asia, the Middle East and Russia.


Article 63. Investor Residency Visas. 1. Non-resident overseas nationals wishing to come to Spain in order to invest significant amounts can apply for an entry visa, or where applicable, an Investor Residency Visa.
2. Real estate investment is understood to mean a significant investment of capital in the acquisition of property in Spain with a minimum of 500,000 euros per applicant.
3. Overseas nationals applying for this visa will also be understood to have made a significant investment where the investor is a legal entity, domiciled in a territory not considered as a tax haven under Spanish legislation, and where the applicant directly or indirectly holds majority voting rights and is authorised to appoint or dismiss most of the members of the governing body of that entity.

Article 64. Accreditation of the investment.
In order for an Investor Residency Visa to be granted, the applicant must previously accredit the acquisition of the property by way of certification of ongoing ownership and encumbrances, issued by the Property Register for the property or properties in question. This certificate will include an electronic validation code for online consultation. If at the time the visa application is made, the acquisition is in the process of being listed on the Property Register, it will be sufficient to present a certificate confirming receipt of the acquisition document, together with documentation accrediting payment of the applicable fees.
The applicant must provide evidence of an investment in property of at 500,000 euros, free of liens and encumbrances. Any amount invested in excess of the minimum amount may be subject to liens or encumbrances.

Article 65. Effects of Investor Residency Visas.
Once granted, the investor residency visa will entitle the applicant to reside in Spain for at least one year.

Article 66. Investor Residency Permit.
1. Overseas investors wishing to reside in Spain for over a year must obtain an investor residency permit, which will be valid for the entire country.
2. Investor Residency Permit applicants must:
a) Not be illegally resident in the Spanish national territory.
b) Be aged 18 or over.
c) Have no criminal record in Spain or other countries of residence during the previous five years for acts set forth in Spanish Law.
d) Not be liable to refusal of entry into countries with which Spain holds an agreement to this effect.
e) Hold entitlement to public medical treatment, or hold private medical insurance cover with a company authorised for operation in Spain.
f) Hold sufficient funds to support both the applicant and his/her family members during residency in Spain.
g) Pay the relevant application fee.
h) Hold a current investor residency visa or submit the application within ninety calendar days of expiry thereof.
i) Have travelled to Spain at least once during the period of authorisation.
j) Provide proof that the investor is the owner of the property or properties for the minimum amount required in this article. This must be provided in the form of an ownership certificate or certificates from the Property Register for the property or properties in question, and must be dated no more than 90 days prior to submitting the application.
k) Comply with all tax and Social Security obligations.

Article 67. Duration of Investor Residency Permit.
1. The initial Investor Residency Permit will be valid for two years.
2. After this period, overseas investors interesting in continuing to reside in Spain must apply for renewal of their Residency Permit for a further two year period.

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After much dithering, the Spanish Central Government has let it be known that it plans to raise the residency-permit investment hurdle to €500,000, which will buy non-EU nationals the right to reside in Spain for the duration of their investment. The Spanish Government is reported to have prepared a new draft law granting qualified residency permits (with strings attached) to non-EU nationals who spend half a million Euros or more a home in Spain, according the Spanish press ( The draft could become law as early as this summer.

This means the Government is finally doing something about the residency-permits-in-return-for-property-investments idea it floated last November, which met with stiff criticism. Back then the investment hurdle for a residency permit was just €160,000, which some said was too low and made Spain look cheap. Under the latest draft, non-EU nationals – predominantly Russians and Chinese – would get a residency permit (with strings attached) for them, their spouses and children, upon spending €500,000 or more on a property in Spain. That would bring Spain in line with countries that have introduced similar incentives, like Portugal and Ireland. Investments tied to residency permits will no longer be limited just to property. Permits will also be obtained with investments that create at least 2 jobs, or by investing in financial assets like Spanish government debt, say press reports.

The news will go down well with affluent buyers from outside the EU, particularly the Russians, who have already flocked to Spain as house prices dropped, and are now the third biggest group of foreign buyers by nationality.